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Screens & Taps

How it works

Having a heatmap of where your screen is getting more activity is essential to visualize your most interacted components. It can reveal unexpected user behavior that you might have slipped when designing. For example, if your dashboard with a list of to-do items has taps on the sides, it means that they are dragging to use the control widgets often.

On every tap, we calculate x and y position in the screen and multiply it by the pixel density, so we'll have a generic representation of where the tap was in the screen, and then be able to show it to you in the most accurate way. We then aggregate this data into heat points and overlap them in your screen.

We also understand the context of the tap, which means:

  • The current screen it's being tapped on
  • The current version of your app
  • The phone model the device is on

You can select all of your app versions to see past heatmaps of your screen, and different models to understand different patterns across models adopting your app.

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