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Customize your dashboard

This feature is for enterprise accounts only

How it works

Tracking custom events is a great way to gain insight into key business metrics. To make it easier to track each custom events we allow our enterprise users to add custom widgets to their dashboard, this custom widgets shows the daily events of a selected custom events filtered by any property attached to it.

Additionally, custom widgets support the same global filters as the rest of the dashboard so all the information you'll see shares the same context.

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Follow this link for a guide on how to integrate custom events.

To start tracking a custom event on your dashboard first click on the Add to Dashboard button.

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You'll be prompt with a form asking you to name your widget and select any of your custom events. Optinally, you can add any number of filters based on your custom event properties.

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Once you completed filling in the form, hit submit and your widget will be automatically added to your dashboard. We'll gather all the data necessary and show the daily custom event usage for any period of time selected, even periods before the custom widget was ever added to your dashboard!

Custom Events