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Publishing your app


Publishing your application to a store is an exciting step of the development journey. When submitting your application to the store you'll be asked about privacy and data collection practices. We'll guide you through the process on each platform.

Publishing to Apple store

Apple requires you to fill out the App Privacy form when you submit your app to the App Store.

When using Vexo Analytics there are some items that must be checked when submitting your app.

Do you or your third-party partners collect any data from this app?

Select yes when asked if a third-party partner is collecting any data. As listed above, with Vexo you are tracking a lot of information out of the box.

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Usage Data

Next, you'll be asked the data types you collect. Regarding Vexo the only data types you need to select is Product Interaction and Usage Data.

You’ll then be asked to expand on how you use the Product Interaction data. Select Analytics as the answer.

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Then next question is related to User Identification. We are not any personal information so you can safely select No for this question.

Finally, they’ll explain their definition of what Tracking is and ask you to confirm if you track users. Apple only considers tracking when data is linked to a user’s identity and used for targeted advertising or advertising measurement purposes, which is not something we do at Vexo so you can select No.

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Publishing to Google store

When submiting to the Google store you'll need to submit information about what your app tracks. Particularly you'll need to select specific options on Data collection and security and Data safety

Data collection and security

You'll be asked if your app collects or shares any of the required user data types and if that data is encrypted. You must select yes to both of them.

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Data safety

Next you'll be asked about data safety. Make sure to select Device or other IDs since Vexo uses them.

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And thats it! Once your app is approved you'll enjoy all the insights Vexo provides out of the box!

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